Handmade unique pieces
The gallery space offers room for jewellery and objects of all kinds.
Dining room
In the dining room you can enjoy home-made delicacies in a cozy atmosphere.


kunst.wirt.schaft is an art, guest and project space founded in 2002 by Eva Schmeiser-Cadia and Andrea Zahlbruckner-Jaufer.

Since 2010, the kunst.wirt.schaft has devoted itself primarily to the art of jewelry. Our aim is to present current works by Austrian and international artists and to foster an environment in which jewelry becomes a more integral part of contemporary art.

We serve this concept by developing and organizing four to six exhibitions a year at the kunst.wirt.schaft, with additional interventions/actions created for various other public spaces. It is also an important platform for young artists, offering graduates the opportunity to present their work within a professional setting.

In addition to managing the gallery, our five resident jewelry artists work on their own projects and commissions in the on-site atelier.

The kunst.wirt.schaft team now consists of: Corina Hatzi, Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites, Chiara Longari, Sigrun Palmisano und Andrea Zahlbruckner-Jaufer