Jewelry art has a story to tell...

The content and formal concept underlying a piece of jewelry is what makes it artistic, and what distinguishes it from "conventional jewelry", whose aims are usually dictated by popularity or sale ability. Contemporary jewelry art is dedicated to the study of current everyday phenomena and the individual response to them.

Our mission is to present and promote current work by Graz, Styrian, Austrian and international jewelry artists to a wide audience creating sustained interest in the "art form of jewelry" among the general public.  We are expanding our already existing networks and establishing new, multifaceted cooperation.

Andrea Zahlbruckner, Ohrschmuck 2016, Samen
Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites, Armreifen 2016
Sabine Hirzer, Halsschmuck 2016
Pilar Gallego, Ring 2017, Traces of Water
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Anhaenger 2016, Hexen
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Ohrringe 2015, Granaten
Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites, Armreif 2016, Rex
Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites, Brosche 2016
Pilar Gallego, Brosche 2015
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Anhaenger 2016, Samen
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Ring 2014, Omama
Sabine Hirzer, Armschmuck 2017, Interwoven 2
Sabine Hirzer, Halsschmuck 2016, Happy Hippo
Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites, Ring 2016
Pilar Gallego, Kette 2016
Sabine Hirzer, Armschmuck 2017, Interwoven 1
Sabine Hirzer, Ohrringe 2016, Genie und Wahnsinn
Sabine Hirzer, Armschmuck 2017, Interwoven 2, Detail
Sabine Hirzer, Ring 2015
Lis Gort, Schale 2016
Attai Chen, Kette 2011, Ohne Titel
Chen Hui-Ling, Ringe 2011, Beautiful Coat
Esther Engele, Ringe 2007, Ohne Titel
Esther Engele, Ring 2008, Ohne Titel
Eva Schmeiser-Cadia, Ring 2013, Ohne Titel
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Brosche 2015, Wipferl
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Anhaenger 2015, Blut
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Brosche 2015, Ohne Titel
Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites, Ring 2014, Ohne Titel
Andrea Zahlbruckner, untragbarer Ohrring 2015
Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites, Brosche 2012, Notausstieg
Anna Waibel, Brosche 2014, Ohne Titel
Anna Waibel, Ring 2014, Ohne Titel
Werner Schmeiser, Hausring
Esther Engele, Objekt
Diana Dudek, Brosche 2011, Ohne Titel
Lis Gort, Halsschmuck 2011, This size this colour
Werner Schmeiser, Tempelring
Susanne Hammer, Anhaenger 2011, Aus der Vogelperspektive
Gert Rothmann, Armreif 2011, Fingerkuppen farbig
Mirei Takeuchi, Halsschmuck 2011, She has another joker
Eva Schmeiser-Cadia, Halsschmuck 1995
Andrea Wagner, Brosche Kette 2011, Untwisting the truth
Esther Knobel, Brosche 2011, Magnet
Ettel Poobus, Brosche 2011, Light Lie
Eva Schmeiser, Brosche 2011, Ich war oben
Sanna Svedestedt, Armreif 2011, Covered
Sanna Svedestedt, Brosche 2011, Covered 2
Terhi Tolvanen, Brosche 2011, In the shadow
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Brosche 2011, Haufen
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Halsnasenschmuck 2011,
Andrea Zahlbruckner, Halsschmuck 2011, Dreitausendstel Talent
Eva Schmeiser-Cadia, Halsschmuck 1999
Eva Tesarik, Halsschmuck
Michelle Kraemer, Halsschmuck, Have you got the guts
Sara Borgegard, Halsschmuck 2011, Ohne Titel